Moved from SonosNet to WiFi

  • 20 August 2021
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So I've just moved my system off SonosNet onto WiFi on the basis that we've just installed a new Ubiquiti system so should be more robust?

Anyway, our older Sonos (Play:3 stereo pair, and 2x single Play:1s) are having a hard time staying in sync with the wider system.

Any insights to be had from this diagnostic report: 1909451360? 



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3 replies

check the wifi troubleshooting guidance first, you will find recommendations for Unifi gear in it

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I went the other way, I wanted my WiFi to be optimized for my other clients, not dialed back to Sonos compatibility.

Put the WiFi on the nosiest two clear channels and SonosNet on the best one and you’ll likely be happier.

Wiring more than one Sonos (following the rules for Ubiquity STP settings) can help extend the range. Worst case put a Boost a few feet from your AP(s) if you can’t wire any Sonos unit.

agree with Stanley on the wiring, also make sure you connect to a 2.4GHz wifi