Connection Sonos Beam2 with Optoma HD144X and PS5

  • 17 November 2021
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I am completely new to the community and to Sonos. I have seen some reviews and plan to get the sonos beam 2. Before doing so I would like to check that I can have a proper setting to connect everything I want to connect to it.

I am planning to use the Sonos Beam 2 in my living room which is relatively small. I would like to use it connected to a beamer which will be located on the opposite wall. My beamer is an optomo HD144X and does not have HMDI arc nor an optical output. I don’t think it has a sound output at all but I can be wrong. I add the link to it just in case:

From the beamer, I use the 2HDMI port to connect them to my PS5 and to my laptop. I would like to output the sound of both on the futur Sonos beam 2. 

My issue is that I can not connect the PS5 to the Sonos directly since the only HDMI present on the ps5 is connected to the beamer. 

I guess I will need a sort of switch to plug multiple HDMI to all those devices but I have literally 0 experience with those. If someone can advice me that would be great!


Thanks in advance! 

I tried to make an image of the devices and the configuration I am trying to connect, I hope it’s clear!


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4 replies

Since none of your devices create an HDMI-ARC or eARC signal, you’ll need to either add some sort of HDMI switch that extracts audio on an optical path, and use the optical adapter that come with the Beam to connect, or invest in a device like the HD Fury Arcana, which creates an eARC signal from a standard HDMI signal. 

If you’re expecting to get Atmos, as indicated in your ‘tags’ on your post, the first alternative won’t work for you, you’ll need to go with the second.


In addition to the HDFury Arcana perhaps also take a look at the following extractor/switch combined alternative although it’s not available in some countries, it is available in the Netherlands…


Thanks for your prompt reply both of you! So there is a solution actually! I’ll look into it! 
will I then need to follow a particular connection to have the sound from the sonos? Or will it be automatic provided that I made the proper connections? 
i am asking this because i don’t really understand how the hd fury arcane or the hdmi switch will redistribute the sound

Many HDMI switches have an optical output, which would provide the audio signal to the adapter that comes with the Beam. HD Fury has a pretty good set of FAQs on their website to explain how the Arcana works, and how it can be connected.