Aux to Ethernet Adapter Play 1

  • 23 November 2016
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I'm interested in a Play1 but would prefer to have the speaker with an aux input so that it's more versatile. Is there a aux to Ethernet adapter that would allow me to plug aux input?

A quick amazon search shows male aux to female Ethernet, so maybe with a few more adapters it could work.

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5 replies

No. The PLAY:1 Ethernet jack is a pure network connection. What you found on Amazon is simply for using an Ethernet cable to carry an audio signal.

The only speakers from Sonos which allow an external input are PLAY:5 (analog 3.5mm) and PLAYBAR (optical digital). The CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP, which link to downstream third party audio kit, also offer RCA inputs.
Thanks for the reply - that's too bad. It really limits what can be done. Also means if software support ever gets dropped it would be tough to use the speaker for anything else. It's the only reason I've been looking at bose systems - with an aux input I could always use the speakers for something else, and could ignore software limitations by using a Google Audio Chromecast if needed.
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Hopefully chromecast will come to sonos, then we can cast to a PLAY:1, no extra physical mods to it needed, just software update. (hopefully)
Soon spotify app will control sonos, GPM on android already can.
You shouldn't have the hassle of plugging things in, keeping them charged etc, with wifi speakers.
Right should have some good support soon - I'm just thinking like 10 years from now. I keep a lot of audio equipment around for a long time, and for $200+ per speaker I want to have options to connect if software is dropped or changes. That was my main concern.
The Sonos ZP100 has been around since 2005, and is still supported with fully functional upgrades.