Amp in ceiling speakers with SL surrounds

  • 22 September 2021
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Recently built a house with in ceiling speakers that came with the Sonos Amp and I was so excited to pair them with my Arc, Sub, and 2 one SL surrounds however the arc can only support one pair of surrounds.


Never did I even think this would become a limitation from Sonos. Anyone know if there are or could be future plans to allow multiple surrounds like the update that made two subs possible? 

Sonos please!


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4 replies

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This has been requested by many users, but Sonos has yet to announce any plans to add this feature.

At least you have the option of grouping the ceiling speakers with the Arc setup when playing music.

Yeah still stunned because you wouldn’t even question that as a limitation. Makes sense why you don’t see anyone with that Sonos setup.

I want to give an update I’m not sure what change, how I missed it, or if it was an update but I am now able to use the speakers with my home theater set up how I want to, needless to say it’s lit now! 


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It looks like you just have the in-ceiling speakers grouped with the Arc setup. They are still not acting as surrounds. But if it sounds good to you, that’s all that matters.