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  • 27 February 2022
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I am in the process of renovation of my apartment, 

For my living room area I would like to have 5.1 sound system.


My plan is to add 2 inceiling sonance speakers above the sofa connected to sonos amp, the room is only 4m wide.

1 sonos arc

1 sonos sub


The sonos amp would be in technical cabinet speakers connected with audio cables.

From my understanding you have to connect the arc to the TV thru HDMI arc port and set the in-ceiling speakers as surround speakers and it should work?


if I want to have also a video projector how will it work? would I have to unplug the HDMI to plug it to the projector?


Also can I use all speakers when playing music from the sonos app directly?

Thanks for your answers. For now i mostly want to choose my set up and know what cables/wires to route in the ceiling and walls to make sure everything works fine once i purchase the entire system.



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1 reply

Your initial setup should be fine, although I’m not sure what you mean by “technical cabinet speakers connected with audio cables”. As long as the Amp can connect wirelessly (via a 5Ghz signal) to the Arc, it should work. 

Using a projector rather than a TV becomes more problematic, as most projectors do not have an HDMI-ARC output to feed the necessary signal to the Arc. If you peruse many of the other projector related threads, you’ll see there are basically two options. If you want to stick with just Dolby Digital 5.1, then you could use an HDMI switch that has an optical output, and connect that to the Arc with the Sonos optical to ARC adapter. If you want to stay with Atmos, you’d need a splitter that can convert input to eARC, such as the Feintech or HD Fury devices commonly mentioned.