2 speakers as a center channel


Hello? I have a unique TV setup that does not allow for center mounting of a single center channel speaker.

I want to put in. A surround sound Sonos system and am curious if I can “link” two speakers together as a center channel or if I will have delay or other issues? Thank you. 

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I just wired the speakers in Parallel ( two lefts and two rights). The Sonos amp can handle it fine… I use Sonos 1’s as my surrounds. Agreed that this is not ideal - but its what I have without investing in a soundbar (already have the amp and good speakers).. I really wish the amp would provide a “real” centre channel connection instead of “virtual”. 

Right! Well I'll need to find a couple of cheap book shelve speakers. 

Is it better than the 2 floor standing speakers? 

I would not run out and buy something for this setup. I simply had them already - they were my surrounds from my original 5.1 setup. If you have a pair hanging around there is nothing stopping you to hear the difference. I went of the premise that the Centre channel sound would be better closer to the “center” even if it is virtually coming from four speakers in this case. I also run my setup most of the time for movie and music video. I have the  loudness and the Speech enhancement turned on for movies - I quite often find the voice dialog too low. Hope this helps, again this is not perfect. Cheers.