WSS21 / WSS22 - Sonos One - Sanus Stands Safety Concerns - Easily Topples due to lack of screw

  • 4 December 2017
  • 27 replies

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27 replies

I just received my new Sonos One speakers and two Sanus WSS21/WSS22 speaker stands. There is no option to securely mount the speakers to the stands. The speakers can easily fall off the stands. These stands appear to be compatible with Play 3 speakers because there is a place for a mounting screw in the bracket and the speaker.

I like the appearance of the stands but this is an unacceptable way to mount my new speakers. I am very disappointed that Sonos would sell this product as being compatible with Sonos One speakers. Sonos should quit selling these stands as being compatible with the Sonos One until Sonos and Sanus get together and correct this design flaw. I spoke with a Sanus representative today. He was unable to provide an answer as how to deal with this dilemma.

I totally agree.. sadly the world we live in today, doesn't function in accord with 2+ complaints.. for things to change we would need in order of 1000's of complaints , issues or until something serious were to occur.

I also don't think Sanus sell those volumes of stands to generate that level of negative feedback to care. Sonos should acknowledge this and give a further choice on its website or withdraw the Sanus product, which again it wouldn't do as it doesn't deem it as a serious issue.

These companies invest in design and manufacturing costs they would much rather ride the wave to recoup costs than iterate to revised version/generation too soon.
That's the way industry generally works with cost unless the company is super customer centric 😉
I’m part of the Sonos community on Facebook and one of the members has just bought the same stands that came with an extra bracket that secured the play 1, need to get Sanus to send us these brackets, picture attachedDoes anyone know where I can purchase a bracket like this? Apart from safety concerns, it just looks stupid having a lopsided speaker on the stand.