Will Sonos ever make high res audio supporting hardware

  • 22 January 2020
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With the release of 24bitrate streams becoming available on mass via Amazon music Ultra HD and Spotify and the rest to no doubt follow, is sonos planning to make versions of the speakers that actually support the streaming of high res audio? (Similar to Sony).


I think they will be shooting themselves in the foot a bit if they don’t. Along with the news of hardware being considered legacy, There is no way I will be replacing my speakers with more sonos if there is no support for UHD going forward for when my speakers inevitably be classified as “legacy” (probably about 3-4 years from now with the play one and five).


TL:DR - Is Sonos going to make speakers that support high resolution audio streams in the near future (next couple of years).


Thanks All

1 reply

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Why would Sonos do that?

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