Which products will become legacy next?

  • 24 March 2020
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Now that my Connect:Amp will become legacy, can you please tell me which products will next become legacy products and when will this happen? I would like to know this, because if my stereos only had a couple of years of lifetime left, I will sell my whole system to get rid of Sonos.

I’m very satisfied to your products btw, but I can’t afford to upgrade my system.


7 replies

Sonos hasn’t stated that there is going to be another round of products designated as legacy.  What they have stated is that every product will be support for at a minimum of 5 years from when it is last manufactured.  Anything beyond that is speculation.  What speakers do you currently have?


Also, you don’t have to replace your legacy products, they will continue on with current functionality and any fixes and security patches required that the hardware can handle.


I have play1, play3, playbar and a sub. My connect:amp I will sell.

so can I count the rest of my system to work for the next five years?

I have play1, play3, playbar and a sub. My connect:amp I will sell.

so can I count the rest of my system to work for the next five years?


Playbar and sub are still currently sold, so absolutely.  The play:1 stopped being sold about 6-8 months ago.  The play:3 stopped around 2 years ago I think.  However, 5 years is a minimum.  I personally think they will last much longer than that given that they all have at least twice the RAM as the legacy speakers.

I agree with Danny. This really isn't worth a moment's worry.

I believe you are missing the point that FISML is making, Sonos like many others are on a money making redundancy cycle, and of course systems need to evolve and progress but you DONT leave a loyal customer base in the cold with a 30% trade in option that cant be used against any other offers or promotions so is worth at best £50 against a Play 5 for example.

Its a joke and these legacy products could have been allowed to work with limited capacity within S2 no matter what Sonos try and sell you with technical and software explanations as to why it can't be done.

A lot of people will keep quality expensive speakers and items 20-30 years plus and Sonos keep very quite about these enforced legacy upgrades of this very expensive system and agree with previous comments that this may not be the best way forward being forced to spend fortunes every 5 years or so when Sonos determine just to keep the money rolling in. ( unless you don’t want to receive any further updates if you keep any one legacy product in your system).

Its such a shame, great system and quality let down by marketing greed building a self funding hamster wheel at the expense of a loyal customer base.

Please don’t insult me with explanations of memory ,bandwidth, and software limitations as we all know this can be written and configured to accommodate legacy products within a core platform albeit with limitations which gives 99% of your customer base surety that you are building products and software that are future proofed.

Even if you believe this can't be done ( which it can ) why not design and develop for the future with a customer install plugin module for ram , processor etc at a much reduced cost saving, protecting the environment, with a clear and direct upgrade provision giving customers confidence that they can trust you for the long haul and not just when to feel you need to generate more revenue for the shareholders

As stated earley, great system and build quality being let down with a poorly thought out upgrade process which will generate a substantial profit for Sonos at your loyal customers expensive tomorrow and forever more, maybe we should all pause and look at our options going forward?   

I know this will not make one bit of difference but just my two pence worth.     

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The new bar is 64mb RAM at the new level….all below 64mb are legacy.  The legacy devices had 32mb.  

Sonos managed over 10 years with only 32mb of space.  So can they go another 10.   Probably not - but is 5 more very reasonable (yes).

The Play:3 is probably the weakest of the remaining with some storage limitations.   So If anything doesn’t make it 5 more years its probably the Play:3


Fully understand the 64mb level and development moving forward its the no choice option of upgrade or no updates for all of your system despite spending thousands on a high end products that have a very limited shelf life. If Sonos think £50 off a Play 5 is an incentive they really need to speak to the customer base and understand the unique position of having loyal customer base at the moment. 

I do understand software, and if the desire was scoped it is totally possible to include legacy products with reduced functionality or a least allowing it to operate as of today on a mixed system of hardware, but that wouldn't keep the money rolling in with perpetual upgrades.

So if this is not on the software application roadmap what about some future proof design with less environmental impact allowing RAM and associated upgrades on a plug and play module at the fraction of the cost of a complete device, or have a just answered my own question ( fraction of the cost ) = less profit.

Customers should be made very aware of the cost of ownership with upgrade and legacy issues in the development pipeline with very little financial incentive to stay loyal to what has been a quality product.