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  • 6 December 2017
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hi all

i have already got a play 1 sitting on a flexson stand and my partner is buying me a sonos one for christmas will the stand fit the sonos one as when we went into john lewis to inquire there was a sonos rep in there and he advised yes it would fit just the same



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9 replies

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If your stand uses the mounting screw hole on the Play1 then probably not. Altho the Sonos One has the same 'footprint', it has no mounting hole - that is taken up by a button you have to press during set up. Flexson are releasing floor stands for the Ones on 20th Dec (according to Amazon)
There's another thread around here somewhere that is complaining about the Sanus stands as not being stable if you have little children, I think.

Most of the stands for my PLAY:1s are Flexson, so I'm waiting. I'd love for them to come out with a desktop stand as well, but I've not seen any indication yet. I suspect that would depend on how many of the ones for the PLAY:1 they sold 🙂
flexson has advised their stand will be available on 22nd dec
I’ll be getting two of the Flexson stands 🆒
For those of you playing along at home, Flexson has told me that they'll have a desktop stand for the Sonos One in the middle of next year. I'm looking forward to the floor stands coming this month!
I was concerned about possible marks from the Sonos One on a good table in my den. So, rather than buy a stand, I put a wine glass type coaster made of some ceramic maybe stone substance under the Sonos. It has small felt “feet” in each corner. Then I retuned w Trueplay. Viola, the Sonos One sounds even better and recently raised questions about the speaker leaving heat generated rings on the wood are resolved. Plus I saved some $$ to apply to my next Sonos One.
Any more news on desk stands for the One?
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There is nothing on Flexson site about it. You could e-mail them and ask them. The floor stands are excellent.
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Here's a link for Vogel desktop stands for Sonos One. I can't speak to the quality or fit/finish. They can also be found on Amazon.