Splitting rears out of a surround configuration and back with ease.

  • 3 June 2022
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It would be nice to be able to split a sonos one that is paired in 5.1 surround audio zone to use for music while leaving the remaining pieces of surround running TV audio. It makes sense that audio quality might degrade but for simple tv watching and cooking in evening to split up a surround and move speakers around without major reconfiguration of entire system would be extremely useful. For example being able to go in the app and have the option to stream individually Apple Music to the right rear while watching YouTube. 

1 reply

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Even if this where possible (surround speakers are slaves to the sounbar, so sending music to only one of them does not fit well with the Sonos system), there also a commercial side to not offering this: you would not even consider buying an extra speaker for the kitchen only.

To put this disadvantage into perspective: you would never not ask (or get) this from a classic 5.1 system.