Speaker Stand for SONOS Play: 1?

  • 7 April 2016
  • 7 replies

We currently have our speakers placed throughout our living room. I am considering purchasing speaker stands. Does the SONOS Community have a speaker stand they recommend for SONOS Play: 1? I want something that is stable and blends into our living room design.

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7 replies

I went with the Sanus Wss2 model instead of the comparable, but pricier Flexson model. I'm very satisfied with the Sanus model - absolutely no regrets.
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I bought a pair of the Flexson stands and am very happy with them for a pair of PLAY:1s used as rear surrounds in my living room:

+1 for Flexson. Expensive but well made enough to be value for money. I have just their desktop stands for my 1 units, and they look like they were made by Sonos. I am sure that their larger floor stands are just as good. Note however that while they will blend well with the design of the speakers and be reasonably stable, their small footprint in line with that of the 1 units will not allow for the kind of stability needed with active pets/small kids.
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+1 for Flexon floor stands. Expensive but are quality units with a groove in the back of the stand to hide cables. Very nice units. Whether it blends in only you will know.
The Sanus stands for the Play1's are nice looking stands and have a nice heavy base. I had a couple questions so was in contact with someone at Sanus and their customer service was top notch. The stands come with mounts for the Play3's as well. Thy are easy to assemble and running the power or ethernet cables is simple. +1
I got the sanus stands and after setting one up I found there was no way to run the plug through it. Am I missing something? I ended up returning them.
Easiest method is to run the power and ethernet cables up through the stand tube while you're assembling them. I've assembled 2 pair and had no problem. Even replaced one ethernet cable with a longer one without disassembly with no problem, just used needle nose pliers to get a grip on the end.