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I have a couple of Sonos One speakers and find them to be a remarkable audio value. I have been wanting to supplement them with a subwoofer, but Sonos' price for the sub is outrageous. Why can't Sonos cut the margin on the existing sub or design a new sub for those of us who may not need a super glossy donut. Even a lower power sub would be sufficient for my needs.

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There are rumors that Sonos is working on a lower powered/priced sub. Since Sonos hasn't annouced anything like that, we can't say for sore. As far as cutting the margin, from the outside looking in, it seems like that's a good idea. But without knowing current sales numbers and an idea of what a price cut would do to increase sales, it's just a guess.

Either way though, letting Sonos know you're interested, as you're doing now, is a good idea.
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Hi folks,

Thanks for the suggestion of making a lower priced Sub. I'll send along a feature request to our development team.
That would be great!
I know there was talk of a lower priced sub with a downgraded finish in the earlier days of theproduct. If such a product were available in the 400-500 $ range it weuld be a no brainer for me. But at 600-700 it is at another level that demands more deliberation. And since I listen to the Ones exclusively for music, earth shaking volume more relevent to videos of attack heliocopters is not needed. :D
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You might try eBay. Just make sure the seller has a good rating and a return policy. Some units can be insured via SquareTrade for up to 3 years offered on the listing.

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