Sonos Roam performance in cold weather

  • 2 January 2022
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I’m interested in adding a Sonos Roam to my system and am hoping to get some feedback on cold weather performance.  I do a lot of hiking and backcountry skiing and temperatures are frequently below freezing.  How does the Roam perform in cold weather?  Are there any third party cases that help keep the unit warm?

I’m currently using an old JBL Clip3, but it’s very temperamental in cold weather.  It works great for two hours or so, then completely dies and won’t take a charge until it warms back up.  What can I expect from the Roam?


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3 replies

I don’t expect that you’ll have much more success with ROAM. In any case, battery run time decreases with temperature.

Temperature specs: 

Operating Temperature

41º to 95º F (5º to 35º C)

Storage Temperature

-4º to 145º F (-20º to 63º C)

The Roams stated min. & max operating temperatures are shown below, but outside of that, I can’t personally assist further… presumably the Roam would provide about 8-10+ hours playback at around 50% volume within those temperatures. Outside that range it may not work at all. (Not sure🤔?)

It’s maybe a case of trialling the product to see how you get on with it. Sonos do offer a return policy as shown in this LINK.

Operating Temperatures

41°F to 95°F
(5°C to 35°C)


Thank you both for the feedback.  I decided to spring for a $15 battery replacement for the Clip3 and see how things go with a new battery.  I’ve used the Clip3 well below its stated low operating temperature with pretty good results.  I’m sure the Roam sounds waaaaaaay better, but I know the Clip3 (kinda) works.  Maybe Sonos will make a more “rugged” version one day.