Sonos Playbase Gen2?

  • 13 June 2018
  • 5 replies

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I just got a new Playbase since the wifi module broke on my old one.
I noticed that my new Playbase have two indicator lights, one on top and one subtle on the front behind the cover. This made me curious and I wonder if there are any other minor changes between the batches?

5 replies

I think that's a further indicator that your first one was not constructed properly. To my knowledge, there's been zero hardware changes. It may have been that the second light on your first one just never worked.
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Sounds like a reasonable explanation.
Attaching an image just to clarify what second light I am referring to.
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I have a playbase and have not seen that second indicator.
Yea, that's not what I was thinking of, either. Interesting. Perhaps someone from Sonos can comment?
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There are sometimes minor changes in the hardware build, but nothing that would add a second LED hidden under the grille. There isn't a second generation of Playbase. That looks like some light leakage from the main LED. If it bothers you, the team would be able to assist with swapping it out for a different one which shouldn't have the same problem.

If you recently worked with our support team, you could just reply back to that same incident if you wanted to see about replacing this one. Sorry for the trouble!


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