sonos one sl power cables

  • 20 June 2021
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Hey guys, I have the Sonos arc, 2 gen 3 subs, and a pair of one sl’s… my question is I have the one sl mounted on the wall with the power cable ran through the wall, I would like to upgrade to the Sonos 5s for more surround sound… are the power cables from the one sl interchangeable with the Sonos 5s??? This way it could be just a simple swap… 

thanks everyone 


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6 replies

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The One SL uses the Angled Power Cable. The Five uses the Power Cable I:

Cool thank you for the reply, I guess that means I will have to fish the power cable back through the wall lol… no problem just a little more work, I’m sure it will be well worth it… thanks again

Double check the building codes before fishing through the wall. Not that Sonos is any more unsafe than any other standard power cable, but many localities have specific rules, in order to reduce fires. Sonos cables are not rated for in wall placement. 

Thank you, I will look into this…

I’ll be honest, I’ve done it both ways. Until I was able to get an electrician in to set up new wall plugs, I’ve fished through the walls. But as a long term thing, I do advise against it. Just so you can’t sue me ;)

Yeah I hear ya, I currently have my one sl’s going into the wall, and back out to the outlet… just like the cleaner look… I’ll have to check the codes around my area, before I put up the fives…