Sonos One Disappearing

I have a Sonos one, Sonos one SL and Gen 2 beam. Plus a few other Sonos products. Whenever I connect the Sonos one, it works for a few hours. Then. When I go back to play something, it's gone. I tried to set a stereo setup with sonos one SL and it still disappears. These are $300 speakers. Why does this keep happening? WiFi signal good. 1gb internet. Hard reset done 3 times. Moved closer to router. Reset router. I've done of all the "diy" stuff that I can think of and it is quite frustrating.


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Have you tried a different WiFi channel on your router? - perhaps try a non-overlapping channel 1, 6 or 11 and see if that quickly resolves the matter for you.

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Go to your router’s DHCP page and set static/reserved IP v4 addresses for your Sonos devices. Power down Sonos, restart router and controllers. Power up speakers one at a time.

Some times it helps, sometimes it changes nothing but it only takes a few minutes and never hurts.

Speak to support, they were really good at helping me diagnose a similar issue where my Roam would keep disappearing. It turned out to be a Wi-Fi extender causing the issue.

Thanks, I tried the suggested and still dropping. I'll talk to support. Thanks for your help, regardless!