Sonos Move keeps going offline

  • 16 June 2020
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Just got my Move a week and half ago, joined with rest of my system no problem.  First issue has been battery dying within 18 hours.  So in trying to fix that problem by resetting it, turning it off for 30 secs per Sonos suggestions, I am now having issue of the Move staying online.  Every time I go to use it, it’s offline.  Once I turn it back on manually, battery is at 85%, so that’s not why it’s offline.  I added a Boost last night to try and ensure my WiFi is stable.  My worry was, it would go offline if it loses WiFi.  Problem still exists.  Looking for suggestions.

1 reply

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Hello @fordvolk,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out  with your issue.

I’ve taken a look at the diagnostic reports associated with your account and it looks like your Move is connecting to an Apple Airport on a different network SSID than the network that your Boost is wired into.

Its also important to not that wiring a Sonos product to your will prompt it to broadcast a Sonos-only network called Sonosnet that the Move is not designed to work with.

If your phone controller is getting its WiFi connection from your ISP provided router but your Move is connecting to a different network or access point, it may not show as online correctly in your Sonos app.