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  • 11 November 2019
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Hello everyone!


I'm reviewing a Sonos Move speaker. So far it's been doing great except for one little caveat: When I use Bluetooth mode its volume decreases considerably. I presumed there would be a difference, but in my case the BT volume (at Max) is just about 50% of that of WiFi mode. Do yours have the same issue?




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3 replies

Bluetooth volume is dependent on both the Move volume, and the phone/tablet volume.  You will not get maximum volume unless both are at max.

Rax Quintanilla,


No, my Bluetooth audio volume playing to my Sonos Move Speaker is the same (loudness) volume as when I am AirPlaying the exact same track to the device. I chose approx 50% volume in the iOS AirPlay/Bluetooth device selector… it’s also the same volume (or thereabouts) when playing the same song over WiFi, via the Sonos App (Room volume control set at approx.50%) … at least not that anyone would ever say there is a huge difference between each of the different playing volume levels.

My Bluetooth and AirPlay source for the test was the Apple iOS Music App via the Apple iPad and the Wifi test was done using the same device Sonos controller software.

Thank you guys! I set the volume to 80% in the app BEFORE turning into BT mode. And it worked! I must have left the volume very quiet from my previous Wifi session, so when I switched to BT it stayed like that.