Sonos Across Multiple Access Points

  • 14 March 2017
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Large Area for WiFi

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5 replies

I understand that you can run all the Sonos wireless devices on a single network (one router) with multiple access points as long as the SSIDs and passwords are the same. True?
I have multiple (3) access points with same SSID and same PW throughout my house and Sonos on WiFi worked without a hitch. Even though it worked flawlessly I changed back to Sonosnet but plugged two of my speakers into 2 different access points and it works rocksolid as well.
Thanks urseberhard.
Hi jevensen1

When operating your Sonos system in a standard(Stationmode) Setup, the use of anymore than 1 network device providing access to the wireless network is likely to cause issues, and technically isn't supported. These devices include a secondary router in the household, wireless boosters, wireless extenders, as well as other access point devices which are used to extend the primary wireless network. Especially if they are broadcasting the same SSID as there is no way to control which device the sonos components connect to.

If the access points are well configured and of a reputable quality it can work as usrebehard has suggested, the problem is a lot of cheaper consumer devices, basically fix "internet access" coverage, but don't consistently provide full access to the local network services, such as muilcast and broadcast traffic and also if they are wirelessly back hauled, they will add latency to the connection which can cause timeout issues when your device (app) is trying to communicate with multiple devices on the network.

When operating your Sonos system in a Boost setup, the use of wireless access points is not know to cause issues, but may in some cases require configuration of these devices to avoid issues.

While access points and boosters are not strictly speaking unsupported, the use of powerline extenders (whether Wifi or LAN) are unsupported in both setup types, this is due to the inconsistency in home power wiring in addition to the points above.

I hope this helps
Thanks Matt R.
I currently have flawless operation with my WiFi. I have one router, a UniFi Switch 8 (150W), and three UniFi AC Pro access points (Ubiquiti). All of the hardware is hard-wired with CAT-6, and the APs are powered by the switch. Everything broadcasts the same SSID and use the identical password. I can move my Sonos speakers (6 total) anywhere in my house or yard and, after a quick handshake, were good to go.

You are absolutely correct about configuration and quality. It only makes sense to spend a few extra dollars to have enterprise-level hardware, and Ubiquiti products have been great. If I were do do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing.