Sonos:5 2nd gen: is it "big" enough for my living room?

  • 16 September 2017
  • 2 replies

I have a living room measuring approximately 4.5 by 5.5 meters, so about 25 square meters or almost 270 square feet. If I buy a Sonos:5, will that give enough sound for the room? I'm considering Sonos against other solutions, but if I have to buy two Sonos:5s for this room, and another one or two for the kitchen which is about the same size, I think the price is getting a bit higher than I intended. And while I'm not a hifi geek, I want fairly good sound.

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2 replies

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We have two Play 5 Gen 1 systems in rooms about 250 square feet and we are happy with the sound of them. I don't know how loud they will go, most of our listening is at background levels where we can talk over them and we are in the bottom third of the volume slider.

Several other topics here suggest that a pair of smaller systems or a pair and sub will do a pretty good job, that might give you better stereo sound as well as fitting your budget better.
Just as relevant are your usual listening distances to the speakers; for instance for listening on a desktop with speakers flanking the computer on either side, room size becomes irrelevant. And even there, two speakers that afford stereo sound are better than one that may, on its own, be better than the ones paired.

I would start with a pair of 1 units and use them to see whether even just one is acceptable for the rooms. Which will allow you to buy more 1 units as required for the kitchen if required. If you cannot buy them on a returnable basis, start with just one play 1 unit and add after listening to it in both rooms.

Placement is important, but to start place the unit/s close to, but not all the way into, room corners.