S1 device marked as Quarantined - how do I get it back?

  • 3 July 2022
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I run a split system, usually without issue. However after the Desktop S1 app recently got confused and needed a Reset, one of my Play:5 Gen 1s has become quarantined. It shows in the ZoneGroupState like this:

The IP address is correct, but the name is wrong (that is the name of a Beam Gen 2 on my S2 system).

If I run the S1 Mobile app, it lists “Den” as “Needs update”. If I try to take the update, it says none is available.

How do I get my Play:5 back into a usable state?


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1 reply

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Solved: Rebooting the Play:5 got it back. Still curious what a “quarantine” state means, and how the heck it picked up the name and version info of an entirely different speaker.