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  • 19 June 2021
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I’m so disappointed with my sonos roam battery life, I returned it today. I got about 2 hours playback before it died. Even on standby it drained 25% in about 12 hours. 

I’ve been waiting for ages to expand my sonos system with an outdoor capable speaker and thought this was the answer. I loved everything else about it, but it didn’t even last for one evening. Someone please let me know if this ever gets fixed, and I’ll consider re-purchasing.

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2 replies

Agree - my Roam is always dead - played it last evening for a couple of hours (starting at 100%) - then turned it off overnight and this am it was 0%. It pretty much needs to be permanently plugged in - which kind of defeats the object… this is so poor it’s either a serious software fix or a recall - it’s a total fail as a roaming device.

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To turn the Roam off completely and prevent Battery drain you need to press the power button for about 5 seconds.  You will hear one tone after a second or so then  lower tone after the 5 seconds.  In this state the Roam will show offline in the Sonos app but the battery will not drain.


I think the Sonos use case for the Stndby mode is that the Roam is on a charging Qi base or plugged into a udb charger.  This is the same with the Move in that if not on it’s charging station they will drain in standby over a few days.


In use, when fully charged, mine last well over 6hrs on Wifi.  Not sure about Bluetooth but should not be much different