Really need a good speaker stand for the Play1

  • 31 October 2013
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I got my 2 Play1's and they're awesome .   I read some of the threads on what stand to get and it seemed that the Omnimount Gemini 1 was one way to go ...

Well , I got them ...and they're NOT the way to go .... they definitely work but the things are so flimsy that it would seem a mild breeze would blow them over.  In addition to that, there is no way to hide the cables so I'm thinking of just trashing these things and starting over.   Has anyone found a stand that they are really happy with? ?

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20 replies

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Hi User285368, 

as I am not aware of any other speaker stands than the Omnimount Gemini, I will leave this for other community members to share their experiences. 


Daniel H. 
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Try Flexson. I found them on the net and the stands they make are perfect.

Oops! Just noticed the previous post, indicating the same advice. I have taken delivery of mine and they are perfect.

 The cable fits into the stand, and although it needs to be quite wide to fit the special sockets shipped with the Paly 1s, I managed to us standard leads so that they connect straight into the underside of the speaker and look neater. The stands themselves are solid and well made. Overall I am very happy with them.
I looked at the manual for the Omnimount stands, but I couldn't tell if (a) the power cable would fit down the center of the post or (b) if the speaker would be secured to the top of the pedestal.

I just spoke with someone at the North American importer for Flexson stands. He pointed me to as a US based store where I can get these products. I've already got the Playbar, but am holding off on the Play 1 until I can order these stands. They should be available in the US by the end of next week according to that rep. 

FWIW, I'm surprised that these aren't sold at Best Buy alongside the speakers. Sure, they're not universal, but I think most Sonos buyers would be willing to pay for a stand built specifically for the speakers.
Amazon also have Flexson play 1 listed. OOS now.
I'm going to try out the Sanus Wss2 model ....found at Best Buy $99 for the pair.  The Flexson equivalent are considerably more expensive
I ended up going with the "Sanus - Adjustable Speaker Stands (Pair) - Black Satin" from Best Buy for my Play 1's. Currently $79.99 I just needed to add some spacer washers between the brace and the speaker to allow for the power cord. They work and look great.
I've picked up the Sanus Sonos Wss2 model stands that are sold by the pair for $99.  I think they're great.  They're sturdy and have felt pads provided for placing under the play 1 when you sit it atop the metal bracket. Assembly was easy as the screws were in separate labeled sections of the hardware bag.  I'm happy that I found a cheaper option than the Flexson equivalent.
I recently bought a pair of these...
Very sleek design that completely hides the wires. They also have a stable base and are easy to assemble. I just got them a couple weeks ago, but so far I'd recommend them highly. I'm using them with a pair of Play:1, but I think they also work with Play:3's
Monoprice has started offering floor stands for Play:1 and swivel wall brackets for Play:3 and 5.
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The mono price ones are not new as the manual for the play:5 says. 2014.

Also disappointing is the play:5 is for the OLD play 5s.

If anyone knows any wall mounts for the new play:5s please let me know
The mono price ones are not new as the manual for the play:5 says. 2014.

Also disappointing is the play:5 is for the OLD play 5s.

If anyone knows any wall mounts for the new play:5s please let me know

Flexson has wall mounts for both the old and new play:5 (
These are really well made stands I have then behind my sectional couch. Hidden wires design makes them appealing.
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A company called Flexon makes stands for the Play 1 speakers, the stands also hide the speaker power cable, you can have either black or white.
Hi all, I'm new to the Sonos family and ordered a pair of white Flexon stands for the Play1 last week. They look wonderful and will receive them somewhere this week! Can't wait to try them out.
Ive got 4 of the Flexson stands for the Play:1, and can heartily recommend them as being high quality.
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I have 2 on order, good to hear the positive feed back
Flexson stands are very good - neat cable runs and easy height adjustment. Speaker sits on a rubber pad. stand comes with spiked feet for carpets - or small plastic feet for hard floors. They are well weighted and very stable.
Received the two Flekson stands last weekend! Awesome, the sound is much much better when the Play1's are on the correct height! Really enjoying it!🆒
My wife did not like the Flexon stand because the screw and the wire were exposed on the back, so I sent them back. I finally went with GT Studio, it has a cover for the mounting area.