Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

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You would sooner see pigs fly than see Sonos release internal e-mails of any kind, never mind e-mails between engineers and management.

Though I am amused at your final sentence; for it is indicative of something I've been saying for years. It seems you feel this information should be released for the purpose of allowing folks to critique their conclusions and offer their own solutions, rather than accepting their conclusions as a definitive statement of those in the know. That in itself says volumes as to why Sonos doesn't bother with this type of communication, as they are truly damned if they do and damned if they don't. But at least by shutting their mouths, they don't have to listen to outsiders tell them how stupid they are.

I was going on MikeV's comment: "A couple of days ago, their CEO tweeted that they are considering allowing the Play:1 and Sonos One to be paired together. No guarantee that it will happen, but our voices have been heard at the highest levels of the company."

Fingers crossed.

I think the CEO's statement will be as definitive as you are going to get, at least until they actually release this functionality.

Well I would still be interested in hearing the technical reasons for the incompatibility, if indeed there are any.

If someone from the sonos team is reading this, I think allot of us would really appreciate a transparent honest discussion on the subject.

If there are technical problems with stereo coupling of the two speakers, I would imagine there has been a number of emails exchanged between engineers and management discussing the problems.

If someone in charge is willing to authorise such transparency, it should simply be a matter of copying a few relevant paragraphs from said emails to explain the problem to us. Who knows, maybe someone from the community would have a solution you hadn't thought of.

Except that we know from past experience that is not the way Sonos operate.

Well, like I say, I'm new to the sonos world, so I'm not familiar with their past transgressions, and I'm still young enough to think it's never too late to change.
Maybe they will realise the value 21st century customer relations, and raise to the challenge of real transparency, before I form a definitive opinion and decide it's worth paying the extra buck to go the Bluesound route.
I highly doubt Sonos is afraid of Bluesound. Bluesound's only real "advantage" is streaming hi-res audio, a feature Sonos not only rejected supporting, they rejected it in a fashion which basically stated they think it is a sham.
I was so excited to get the new One but unfortunately I didn't realize it won't pair with a play 1. I have a 3 floor town house and 4 play:1s....I really wanted to put a One on each floor and stereo pair them with what I have. It is so sad that now the only way is to have 2 Alexas on one floor and none on another....I would have bought more play:1 when they were on sale with a couple of dots. This is a real flaw in my opinion.
I was so excited to get the new One but unfortunately I didn't realize it won't pair with a play 1. I have a 3 floor town house and 4 play:1s....I really wanted to put a One on each floor and stereo pair them with what I have. It is so sad that now the only way is to have 2 Alexas on one floor and none on another....I would have bought more play:1 when they were on sale with a couple of dots. This is a real flaw in my opinion.

You could get 2 Sonos Ones for 1 zone, and use the Play:1s for other zones...with dots. As far as buying play:1s on sale, it's highly likely that the price will go down rather soon, since they have less features then the Sonos One are currently the same price.
Please add me to the list. I have a Play 5, two Connects, a Conncect Amp, and two Play ones. I also want to buy two Sonos Ones and pair one of them and the Play One. It makes total sense to have this functionality. Why make us by Echos?
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Bottom line is Sonos have had the field of WiFi streamed systems mostly to themselves for a decade, but Alexa is coming out integrated as part of a number of WiFi streaming competitors in the next few months, let alone the Echo and Google speakers.

So Sonos was forced to act, and had to deliver close to the price point as well. so the obvious option was to build a Echo compatible speaker BASED on their cheapest speaker.

I like playing with tech. gadgets, so I have an echo dot already and the novelty has worn off the usefulness is very dependent on how you use your system, I would say it will be terrible paired as surround sound on the TV (or even in the TV room at all) as every time it thinks it hears the key word "alexa" the sound is lowered while it tries to figure out the command, then just at the most important dialog of the film that makes sense of the 3 hours of your life invested your sound system will say "I'm sorry I don't understand that"

Buy a single Sonos One bung it in the kitchen and use it to turn the radio on when your hands are covered in cooking mess. stick to Play 1's (which may be on offer soon!) for your TV room surround sound.

or buy a single Sonos One for the bedroom so you can turn the alarm off by shouting at it...

Being of similar size and shape is an accident of expediency, these are different speakers for different purposes.
Admin, I love your products but when I recently bought the playbar and the Play1 to go with my original One, at no point was any information published stating that these three were not going to work together, really disappointed spent £750 under the impression I was going to have a working surround sound and now it doesn’t all work together, also why is the voice message not supported on the play1 Alexa?

Where did you state that this was not going to function? I bought the play1 to work with the playbar and the one and to also send my nephews voice messages through it and I can’t do neither, please can you tell me if these circumstances are going to change and if not why the general public wasn’t informed of this?

Looking forward to hearing from you promptly!

Many thanks
Antonio Teixeira
I have a new Sonos One and a previously purchased Play:1 I can group them and play through both just fine but somewhere here I was told that you can play music from iTunes through the Sonos one to the Play:1 only without the Sonos One playing anything. i do NOT want to use the Sonos app to play the music only iTunes. Could someone direct me to the instruction on how to do this. Thanks.
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Hi, it is possible to pair a Sonos One and a Play:1 but you have to use a 3rd party app. I do not want to make any promotion but there are so much threads about this topic... Looks like many of us want to do this:
You can use the official Sonos app after you created the stereo-pair and it works like a "normal" one..
Oh dear - just stumbled across this forum whilst I await my Sonos One to be delivered, and realised pairing a PLAY:1 and a One is not possible. One of my stereo-paired PLAY:1 speakers developed a fault this week, and the retailer allowed me to exchange it for a Sonos One, instead. Thinking they're effectively the "same", but with Alexa built-in, I didn't forsee the problem of not being able to create a stereo pair. This is tragic news, as it will mean I now can't have stereo in the room.

PLEASE Sonos, permit stereo pairing. This is a huge backward step for me!
I too, wish to be able to pair my Sonos One to my Play1 to get stereo sound
I was just about to pre-order a pair thinking I could create two stereo pairs by combining with my existing pair of Play 1s. Just lost £400 of Sales that may have led to more. A missed opportunity.

Same here . somewhat greatly dissatisfying, as is now!

SONOS: Kindly consider a trade in program, considering your upscale margin approach, if you DO want to ENSURE consistency, don't make the customer pay for it... and allow a gradual senseful expansion of the existing user base.
I am sure that many users, as per this thread you can see, would greatly appreciate it!

p.s. The more frustrating, as I just began being a Sonos customer back in August with several Play 1 and Play 5 - which I now partially would upgrade to stereo sets on the most recent technology.
This morning I bought the third party SonoSequencr IOS app and within 5 minutes I had my Sonos ONE and Play:1 running as stereo pair. It sounds great to me.
I understand that there are technical issues that would need to be overcome, but I think it is worth noting that I think this backwards compatibility feature would lead to more sales of the Sonos One, not less. I own a bunch of Play:1s and I would be really tempted to get a matching Sonos One for each if it could mean I'd get stereo pairs with built-in Alexa support. But there's no way I'm going to pay to replace each of my current Play:1s with Sonos Ones just to get Alexa support if I can get similar functionality by just adding an Echo Dot.

Totally agreed. Sonos, PLEASE add the ability to pair a One with a Play:1 and to use them together in a 5.1 surround.
Not any more. I bought a one for 299.00 and a play one so I could have a stereo pair 70 cheaper than two ones as the play one is now 229 and the room is so tiny that if do finally get voice working here I can’t see needing 2 mics in a 3 x 3 room. Since I bought the one from Sonos, the packing it up to trade it in for a play one for stereo is going to be a pain. If only they had allowed a one to work with a play one for small rooms. 😠
Is there an easy way to return the 2000.00 worth of speakers to get my money back. Sonos was awesome 3 years ago when I first got interested in them but now it’s full of this speaker can’t create a stereo pair with this identically sized speaker because this one has a mic and may have a different stereo signature. And this mic don’t work in your country and we can’t say when it will, if it ever does. Too many new things that are causing too many pains in my rear end. My mistake was buying each speaker from a different seller. Now returning this stuff is gonna be a hassle. Unless Sonos folks can tell me an easier way. 😠
I'll be holding off buying one until this feature is here; I've a stereo pair in the kitchen so I don't need 2 with voice... it either needs a technical fix (i.e make it work) or offer a commercial fix by allowing us to trade in the ones we don't need to replace because of the technical limitation :?
It looks like I'm not alone to be holding off with the new Sonos 1. I was about to purchase one to create a stereo pair with my Play one. But I'll be thinking of some other options now.
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I also think it's a shame. Just bought the 'one' and I'm very disappointed. Get it fixed Sonos!
Add me as another disappointed by this - seemed so obvious you should be able to create a stereo pair using a One and a play:1. Id hoped to do this in my kitchen, but no go. Hopefully this is re-considered
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Just asked the Sonos support team if Sonos gonna do something about it. The answer: "We do not share any plans for future releases or features. We will let our customers know if/when this will be rolled out." Makes me feel not really important as a customer.
Testing another setup that allows me multiroom + alexa + Soundbar with HDMI, you don't have much time left Sonos!
+1 Just helping to make sure Sonos picks up on how many people actually want stereo pairing of Play:1 and Play One to be possible, nee, allowed.. I already feel burned by the lack of DTS support when using the Sonos ecosystem as a surround setup, please don't add the clearly immoral move of not allowing for the aforementioned to the list. Not allowing for it isn't due to a technical limitation but simply a misguided commercial one that makes a lot of users feel cheated.
It’s all been said already, so I’ll just add a disappointed “me, too” so they’ll see it.