Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

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I seriously did not thought this functionality would be missing! The only point of the one is to enhance your system, disappointed.
It is an ABSOLUTE shame on SONOS that it has restricted us LOYAL customers from pairing our new PLAY 1 ( 2 month old ) to New SONOS ONE for 5.1 . Today I left back the SONOS ONE speaker I had picked to buy at the UK top Retail outlet as I feel cheated that after buying so many SONOS Products which should get better actually seem I have redundant PLAY 1 , that to within one month.

We your customers are feeling cheated .

Do something fast ir it will be an absolute shame on your company to treat us customers so badly.

Shame .

Very disappointed to hear this feature is not available. Please add me to list to be notified if Play 1 can be paired with Sonos One. I was about to order some Sonos One speakers until I found out this essential feature was not implemented.
Damn. I was about to expand with 3 Ones to make 3 stereo pairs with existing Play 1s. I want voice in at least 3 rooms, and that was a nice excuse to buy more speakers. But now I'm just going to buy 3 Google Play Minis. Sonos, you need to watch out: Silo thinking like this will end you. People will just start buying Google Homes instead of Sonos altogether. And hurry up with your software updates! You are starting to look like Blackberry circa 2010.
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No, the stream isn't routed through the phone, unless you're playing from "Music on this iPhone". For all intents and purposes, it works as if it's a proper stereo pair.

I've had my Sonos One and a Play:1 Tone, both black, paired together for a couple of weeks now without any issues.
As a customer of both the Play:1 and the One, I would like to add my support for the idea of bonding Play:1 and One devices. It makes no sense to me to have two Alexa-enabled devices in the same room. Unless the rooms were GIGANTIC, it simply makes no sense, and I would have been more likely to have 2 or 3 of each, where as now, I'm pretty stopped at 2 of the Play:1 and one of the Ones since the Ones would be no more than 15 feet apart at most. It limits the devices unnecessarily.
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Add me to the list of people who would be interested in being able to pair a 1 & One
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Use iOS app sonosequencer to force pair them.
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So your making your purchase decision based off not using a $2 app to make what you want work.
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Add me to the list, I have two Play: 5’s, a Play:1, and a One. I have them all grouped in one room, but I would like the ability to stereo pair the Play: 1 and One natively without a third party app.
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Chris, if you reread my post, I would rather have the native ability, not that I would not consider looking at sonosequencr which I am currently doing. Please don’t get so butt hurt because people want more functionality in a product they invested in.
OK this is really disappointing, and needs to be mentioned front and center on packaging, in instructions, in channel marketing materials such as pages, etc. Now I'm out $150 because I bought a Play:1 to pair with a One I received as a gift. Now I have to spend another $150 to create a stereo pair (because I'm not going to spend $200 for a One), and I guess I'll give the One to somebody else. The devices should all just work together...and deliver on the brand promise of seamless connectivity. This is one of those needless papercuts that just turns people off.

They all do work together. You simply have to pair like models with like models. The One is not a Play:1, despite similar looks.

However, the good news is you can buy the SonoSequencr app and it will pair any model with any other model you want. Problem solved, no need to buy another Play:1 and no need to give away your One.
I've just purchased a Sonos One on the (wrong) assumption that it could be paired with an existing Play:1; so I will be returning it.

SonoSequencr does not appear to be available on Android so cannot help me 😞
Used Sonos One will cost around $150 or even less on eBay. Or use the Sonosequenr (sp?) app. I would prefer to get another used One to make a stereo pair then mute the mic in one. If I alre@dy had a Play 1, I’d spend $2 for the app.
I have a Sonos One in a room without stereo pairs. I have stereo pairs of Sonos Play 1s in several other rooms. If a One could pair with a Play One, I'd buy at least three, probably five more. Since they cannot pair, I am not planning to purchase any more of them. I cannot speak for the everyone, but this inability to pair with a Play 1 is costing Sonos a number of sales from me.
Very disappointed to learn this. Especially as I just purchased a one with the intention of pairing it with a play 1... really hope they address this issue. It seems like enough people would like to be able to do it.
Just pair them with sonosequencr. Did you read this actual thread.

Yep, read it thanks. Thats an OK workaround I suppose but I posted here as I’d like to see an actual fix from Sonos rather than half a solution from a 3rd party application. But cheers for my daily quota of anonymous internet snarkyness.
Sonos will not make them pairable in Sonos app. But sonosequencr will pair them just fine and there is no difference beteeen sonosequencer doing it and the Sonos app doing it. Once paired in sonosequencr they will show as stereo pair in the Sonos app. There is no problem here.

Thank you Chris. You've said this a number of times now. We've all read it.
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And people tend to ignore it still.
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It's not likely that a mismatched pair will void the warranty, but just like disabling the wireless card, it's not supported and Sonos might ask for it to be undone before they provide any support for issues you might be experiencing. I'd be extremely surprised if any kind of physical damage were done as a result of creating a mismatched pair.

Future issues would not likely arise as a result of a mismatched pair... but Sonos could certainly remove the functionality - either intentionally or as a result of a different change - without notice, preventing one from re-creating a mismatched stereo pair.
I am also in the "Why can't I pair my Play 1 with a Sonos One" camp. 2 voice assistants in same room makes no sense. Kitchen counter has an Echo Gen 1. The open family room next to it has the sonos Play 1 rear surround 2 feet away. I'd prefer a rear surround pair where 1 of them was smart. Then I'd happily by more over time, and making additional stereo pairs in the house would keep me in the Sonos family. I'd love to extend my investment and increase my whole house footprint.
Just in case someone stumbles upon this thread like me: It looks like the Sonos 10.1 update broke some part of the SoCo Library that @erikmansson's script was using for pairing. If you're like me, you might have to apply this patch for it to start working again:


That being said, I managed to pair my One and Play:1, but I think I might have heard why Sonos isn't letting us do just that. It might be subjective or due to my specific location, but to me it sounded like there were phase issues within the stereo image. I ended up unpairing the stereo group and moving it back into a regular old 2xMono group. Sometimes restrictions make sense, even if we don't see the reason immediately 😉

I agree!!!


Sonos take a look:-



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I totally hear where you're coming from SHARKB8T. They are different visually, colors and top as well, but they certainly do look similar. There are several factors that went into the decision on this one, so, for now, the best we can do is keep on passing the feedback to the team.

In larger rooms with stereo pairs or surround setups, it's good to have multiple microphone arrays too, that way you know it'll pick up your voice.
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I was just about to pre-order a pair thinking I could create two stereo pairs by combining with my existing pair of Play 1s. Just lost £400 of Sales that may have led to more. A missed opportunity.

You CAN create 2 x stereo pairs with one pair being Play:1 and one pair being Sonos:1 and then GROUP them.

This will be pretty much the same as doing the same thing with 4 x Sonos:1