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  • 1 February 2017
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Hi can I place a play 1 in a corner of the room on a stand or is it best placed away from a wall I'm asking as I have to buy a stand so if it's not advisable to be placed against the walls then I won't buy the stand then do some more head scratching lol on where to place them in our living room many thanks all b

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9 replies

Place the PLAY:1 where it's convenient, and Trueplay tune it (for which you'll need a compatible iDevice running iOS8 or higher). This will take care of room effects, such as a nearby wall.
Excellent thanks I don't suppose they can be placed to the side of the listener can they?
It depends on your hearing and what you want out of the PLAY:1 (general background music etc). A single speaker will only deliver mono anyway.
Ideally, place it looking into the listening area, somewhere close to the centre, near ear level. The front edge of any shelf will do fine. The 1 unit is so small that location of a nearby mains socket is a bigger constraint to its placement, I find.
And Trueplay will take care of minor placement issues. You will probably want to add another to have a stereo pair that sounds a lot better, so think that placement in advance as well!
Thanks guys I have two play1's but it's going to be a big problem to place one of them in the correct placement this is the reason I was going down the playbar route as that would be right in front of us it will be stereo with a bit of "wideness" at the moment I only have the one play1 in the corner which is ok but I want a better sound
Why not a play 5 then, placed horizontally? Unless you also want to do the TV thing.
Kumar yes I think I would do the tv with the playbar and then place my two play1's in the rear/side of us and then later on will get a sub when I can afford it I just don't want to spend lots of money and be disappointed at the moment I'm listening to music and it just doesn't sound good at all through the one play1 in the corner.
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If you buy from Sonos, you have between 45 to 100 days, depending on your location, to test it out and if it fails to meet expectations you can always return hassle free.
You can even buy your eventual setup to validate it meets your needs and return the ones you cant afford at the moment and buy at a later date.
But we warned, I have been informed that there is a high likelihood that you'll like them so much you'll decide to keep them all and take the financial hit.
Hi Kumar I went with the play 5 (for now) but many thanks for your invaluable help. Contemplative yes I thought about just doing what you suggested but you are so right I would have kept them all (and a divorce lol) happy Sonos'ing every one just hope the play5 works out in our tiny living room cheers. b