outdoor enclosure for sonos sub

  • 5 August 2019
  • 2 replies

Hey folks ... on my back deck I have a pair of Klipsch 650 outdoor speakers connected to Amp inside. I really want a sub outside so I grabbed one of my Sonos Subs and damn it sounds good .. but I need an enclosure for it to keep sunlight and rain away. Any ideas?

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2 replies

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Hi JuniperDude

Great idea, but impractical. Placing the Sonos sub or any speaker inside an enclosure that is weather proof will degrade the sound. The enclosure would have to be airtight and sealed all around.

Frankly speaking a sub out doors only sounds good if you are setting fairly close it. Otherwise the low-frequencies are dispersed into the open environment as there is noting for them to reflect off.
Thanks .:. What I would really like to experiment with is an enclosure that is wood and has an oversize top (overhang) ... then underneath the overhang would be vented areas with mesh netting. Idea being that the air pressure from the sub can escape and somewhat funnel the low frequency outwards ... I might try to build one and see how it works ...

i did try one of those plastic deck boxes and it worked ok at 30-40ft range very well (having said that at 150ft away I could hear the “thumping” no problem. The plastic deck box was rattling so badly though the only way was to leave the lid open hehe ... which then exposes it to sunlight / heat

I guess maybe a “canopy” cover would work too ... just wondering if someone had seen something existing out there that might work ....

thanks again ....