no way to Mute MOVE's mic?

  • 7 December 2019
  • 1 reply

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My Move is destined to be used on my Deck (weather permitting), but it’s “home” location (for storage and charging), is in the nearest room- the kitchen. Where there is already an ECHO there.  I don’t want both devices to answer… I am not seeing any way to mute the MOVE’s microphone.   The ECHO needs to stay where it is cause the MOVE will not be there all the time and the ECHO is the most utilized Alexa device… Is the only option to disable MOVE voice control in the SONOS APP?  That really means I need to have my APP with me when I take the MOVE… and then - why do I need Alexa at all?

1 reply

Tap the microphone light to toggle on/off.