Loss of System

  • 21 September 2022
  • 3 replies

Overnight all my Sonos Speakers ( 2xPlay1, 1x Play3, Playbase) except one dropped off. The exception was my Move which was switched off. When I turned that on this morning it connected to the app. 


I have been through all the trouble shooting steps. The final comment was " try again later"!


Any thoughts or advice anyone?

3 replies

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Which “all the trouble shooting steps” have you tried? Is your router running? Is wifi running? Have any of your other devices received an overnight update? Have you done the power down including router, with sequenced device restart?

Do you have a Sonos device connected by Ethernet to your router? If so, try connecting a different speaker, waitl a couple of minutes then see if your system has returned.  This is just a diagnostic experiment. 

Please then post back.

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Get a better router, or use SonosNet.