Inaudible ambient / background sounds - Sonos Move

  • 2 May 2022
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Hi, I've got my Sonos Move for about a month, quite happy overall, but there are some features I don't understand, and maybe my system is faulty, but the speakers does not capture certain sounds at all, which means that I'm only listening to 3/4 of the total instrumentation.


For example, I was listening to the song "FEEL." by Kendrick Llamar. In the intro there are some heavy bass drum kicks and some warped vocals, however the ambient guitar chords in the background is barely captured at all, which ruins the atmosphere of the song for me. My Phone speakers does this better. I have no idea how to bring forward that sound, and it appears in other songs as well, and I'm guessing it's with similar sounds scapes, where the bass and rythm section is overpowering the more subtle ambient background stuff. I've played around with the already limited EQ system, but I've got to compromise on other sounds, which creates other issues.. Would appreciate any tips! 


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Hi @Klaski 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with the audio reproduction of your Sonos Move. I recommend you have a read of our Undesired sound after Trueplay tuning to see if you can improve things. I’d definitely try playing the same track with Automatic Trueplay™ turned off to compare.

I hope this helps.