How to connect IKEA SYMFONISK with TV?

  • 9 November 2020
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My plan for the upcoming weeks is to buy a new TV.


Currently I have two IKEA SYMFONISK lamps and my plan is to stream the sound directly to those speakers. Is it possible to do that without any additional Sonos product? What kind o configuration the TV should have to support such a connection?


If it’s not possible, what should I add to the configuration to ensure the streaming? 




2 replies

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You need a Sonos home theatre product. 

This could be an arc, beam, play bar, play base or Sonos amp. The symfonisk lamps can then be added a surround speakers. 

I have two rooms with an Apple TV and a Sonos stereo setup that I AirPlay from Apple TV to speakers… sometimes a little finicky but overall works well