How do I connect my Sonos One Speakers to my Sony Bravia 65" OLED 4K HDR TV via Connect?

  • 8 June 2019
  • 3 replies

I was told at Best Buy it would work with a optical cable with my Connect. So far, just frustration. The Sonos website lists my exact model that should work using an optical cable. Appreciate any help. Thank you.

3 replies

Unfortunately, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the people you spoke to at Best Buy didn’t understand the fact the the optical port on the CONNECT is an output, and not an input.

The only way to connect your TN to the Sonos CONNECT is via a stereo pair of RCA cables to the analo input, assuming your TV has the ability to put out an analog output. Important to note, it will, of course, only be stereo, and not have any surround information, and it will also be delayed by at least 70ms, which may cause some lip sync issues for you.

Of it were me, I would return the CONNECT, and consider one of the sound bars that Sonos designed for use with a TV, and use the Sonos Ones as surround speakers.
Thanks Bruce. I acquired the Connect last year for my AV amp system since I had built in wired speakers throughout the house I just sold. I got rid of the amp to downsize into an condo where I want only wireless speakers. I will sell my Connect via Marketplace and buy a Sonos Bar.
Sorry that you're in that situation. I've learned, over the years, never to take anything told me by a Best Buy employee as truth....some of them do indeed know what they're talking about, but in my experience, most of them don't.

In terms of Sonos soundbars, the Beam has the latest design and tech in it. But it's designed for a "smaller" room (and I'm not sure what smaller means, but I do know it doesn't have the physical width I'm looking for). I've got a couple of PLAYBARs, which are connected to my TV's with an optical connection, and honestly, I'm still delighted, after what, 5 years or so of ownership? While the later tech is enticing, the physical separation of right and left is much more important to me, given that my TV's are both 70 and 75" in size. If I had a 32" or 40", I might give some consideration to the Beam. I'm still waiting, sometimes impatiently, for Sonos to bring out a replacement to the PLAYBAR with the newest tech in it. Of course, Sonos wisely doesn't share their roadmap for hardware, so I've got no real idea if that's next week, next year, or never. Well, it's not next week, something would have popped up on the FCC, but you get my point 🙂