Group Echo and Sonos Play

  • 9 December 2017
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Can I group together my 3 Echo speakers with my 2 Sonos speaker sonthat they are all playing the same music (in sync)?

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5 replies

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No it is not currently possible. Amazon will have to make it possible via their SDK if it were to be available in future.
What if I were to connect Dot to Sonos speakers? Would I then be able to do all the Alexa functions and Sonos sound - just ditch the Echos? Trying to figure out which goes back, either the Sonos, since they won't sync with Echo and are not compatible with the Drop In function or the Echo since I can get better sound from the Sonos. Pair them up with Dots and then have full Alexa functionality with improved sound.
A Dot can pair only with Sonos units that have a line in jack, via a wired connection. While the Dots can then be paired to play in a group, I am not sure how perfect the sync for the attached speakers will be because I am not sure if the line in delay will be exactly the same for every speaker. But it may well be that even if not the same, the delay will be close enough across speakers to not affect music play in sync in an audible way.

I do know that having an Echo and a Dot+Sonos play as a group causes a sync issue when in the same space that results in an echo - the Echo plays before the Sonos speaker does. And this even when the Sonos line in is set to uncompressed.

If you can get hold of a couple of Dots, it is worth seeing what happens to these if wired to Sonos speakers and then set to play as a group. See if the sync is ok with Sonos line in set to Uncompressed and Compressed modes. If music sounds ok in both modes, then 2 of your Echos may be replaced by Dot + Sonos.
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A dot inputting in to a Sonos unit will have a slight delay compared to an echo unit. I wouldn’t recommend for trying to play in sync as an echo group in amazon app (which is rather clunky anyhow).