Can I send in my Play 5 gen 1s for refurbishment/upgrade

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I am wondering if I can send in my old play 5 gen1s to Sonos or an outside vendor center where they can upgrade the 2.4ghz WiFi to 5ghz WiFi for surround sound enablement or just rebuild/refoam the speakers after a set amount of time

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No, that's not an option. First, Sonos doesn't offer that service, or support an outside service to do that, so there is no guarantee that the play:5 would work with the replaced hardware. And even if you could the play:5 gen1 and related playbar/playbase/beam/sonos amp do not have the software to setup the play:5 gen1 as a surround speaker.
Even if you could squeeze in a 5 GHz radio, the firmware would not recognize it, and I highly doubt Sonos is going to create custom firmware for this purpose. As to refoaming the speakers, I have never heard of them offering this service, but I'll allow a Sonos tech to answer definitively.
Thanks all. I found a website that outlines how to repair the Sonos yourself but that’s about it. I much prefer the aesthetic and white grille of the Gen one vs the black gen 2. I hate they didn’t carryover this feature.

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