Anyone experiencing issues with wireless speakers and/or subwoofers with 6.2?

  • 2 May 2021
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Originally with my Pro 6’s I had some WiFi issues, which ended up being caused by my wireless subwoofer (Sony HT-ST5000). I fixed it by locking my subwoofer to a single 5.2 ghz channel and turning on “secure link”. My theory at the time was that eero would learn that that particular channel was too noisy and not bother with it.

Since the 6.2 update the same WiFi issues seem to have resurfaced, sometimes my connection is fine and other times I have incredibly slow speeds (sub 1mbps on a fiber connection 10 feet from the eero). My subwoofer is having intermittent connection issues too. Granted this could all be a coincidence, but it started happening the day 6.2 was installed on my network.

Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?

1 reply

This is a Sonos community board. I’m not sure this has anything do with Sonos does it? There hasn’t been a Sonos release 6.2 in donkey’s years.