Advice on Playbar placement - can it go above TV?

  • 8 October 2013
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Hi guys

I've bought a Playbar to go with our TV. The TV is currently on its stand which takes up most of the space on the TV cabinet, so no room for the Playbar.

My two options are leaving the TV on the stand and wall mounting the Playbar above the TV - would having it so high cause any negative affect on the sound displacement? Or the second option is wall mounting the TV and having the Playbar either sat or wall mounted below the TV.

My preferred option is number 1, as I'd rather have the TV as low as possible - the middle of it is currently eye height when on the sofa so that's ideal, and wall mounting it means raising it so we'll be looking upward a little.

I've attached a pic of the set up. The TV is a 65" so if wall mounted it will be fairly high (around 5 foot if just above the telly). Also, if above the telly, is there a minimum it should be above to not have the back of the telly affecting the sound?


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26 replies

I’ve had my PLAYBAR in both locations, above and below my TV, and found no substantial difference. The one thing I would recommend to you before moving it is try a power cycle on the device. As near as I can tell, the “orientation” sensor only trips when it is first powered on, and doesn’t change once it has done its initial setting.