ZP100 Connect:Amp vs ZP120

  • 14 January 2017
  • 5 replies

Are there major functional differences between the current version of the Connect:Amp (ZP-120) and the prior version (ZP-100) that I should be aware of? I'll be using the amp to power two outdoor speakers and can pick up a ZP-100 for around $280 (vs $475 for the ZP-120) - would it be silly to go with the older model? I'll be building out a full home Sonos system over the next couple years and want this to integrate into that. Thanks!

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5 replies

Other than bigger, and ports you will never use probably not. I have used a Connect:Amp for about 8 years on my patio. I put it in a plastic box, set it up in the roof of the patio and it has worked a treat until this year. I then swaped it out for a ZP120 that I had from another room. Anyway, both have worked well.
The older one has older wireless (think G vs N), slightly less power (50 vs 55 Watts), and an analog out.
I have tried both, I overheated my sonos connect amp, now it will not get max volumn any more. Never had the same problem with my zp-100. I am looking to use a connect to source a 100w/ ch external amp, but can't finure out how to get the sonon to trigger on the amp. I have a large yard.
I overheated my sonos connect amp
That should not happen, it has self protection cut out circuitry. Did it ever stop playing music at loud levels? How many speakers do you have wired to it? At what levels of the volume control do you get the sound levels you need outside?
The trigger subject is a tricky one that the Connect Amp solves easily, so before looking for a third party amp, I suggest seeing how to get that to work for you.
I have contacted sonos and have been told they will not service b/c I bought from a 3rd party. Connect amp has orange status all the time.