YAMAHA MusicCast VINYL 500 compatibilité SONOS

  • 27 November 2018
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Je souhaite très prochainement acquérir un ensemble d'enceintes Sonos afin d'équipé mon domicile.
La seul problématique qui freine pour l'instant mon achat est que je souhaite savoir si la platine vinyle YAMAHA MusicCast VINYL 500 serait compatible avec ce systeme sans le sonos connect.
En effet la platine à la possibilité de diffuser en wifi et via le protocole Airplay.
Est ce que cette possibilité la rend compatible avec le systeme SONOS ?

En vous remerciant beaucoup,

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8 replies


Compliments of Google Translate:

Vous voudrez probablement vérifier auprès de Yamaha, mais d'après ce que je vois, cela ne ferait pas directement partie de votre réseau Sonos sans la connexion d'un Sonos CONNECT.
Sorry for the confusion and the french question.
I'm mostly wondering if the sonos speakers are able to read a Airplay source other than the IOS equipements.

Thanks again
No worries... although I'll admit that the 2 years I spent in a French school outside of Paris was 50 some odd years ago....and I've forgotten most of it.

Having pulled up the website (or two, I don't remember now), it seemed like the phono listed AirPlay, and not AirPlay 2. That's possibly a mistype by someone who doesn't know the difference in Yamaha's advertising group, or it might be significant. Sonos doesn't do AirPlay, only AirPlay 2.

And to be honest (and I didn't look), how would you choose what target to send the AIrPlay 2 signal to? Is there some sort of feature on the turntable that would allow you to see a list of targets, and pick one? I'd be tempted to suggest that you contact Yamaha directly, and ask them this question.

If no one here pipes in who has one, and can confirm one way or the other, I'd be extraordinarily doubtful that it would work without putting a CONNECT on a line to it. But I can't guarantee this either way.

I'm currently downloading the manual (at slow speed!) to double check what I think the turntable might be able to do. OK, according to page 10 of the EN manual, it requires you to play from Yamaha's MusicCast app....which I suppose means that you could then AirPlay it from your iPhone to the Sonos speakers?

I'll be honest, I'm not overly excited about your chances here. I'd definitely call Yamaha, and ask them. I *think* based on what I read that the turntable will send a signal to the MusicCast app on your phone, which you could then AirPlay 2 to the Sonos....but it seems really tenuous to me. Don't take my word for it, I'm just a guy on the internet.

Best of luck. If you find out some concrete information, it might be helpful if you were to come back and post it for others who find this thread.
Good morning. I post my question here; the topic is more or less the same. I have the Play:5 and I have planned to acquire a turntable (platine vinyle). I noticed SONOS is selling few products adapted to its own system. Would you recommend to go for one of those? Or should I consider other models? My understanding is that either I will have to buy the SONOS CONNECT AMP to make the connection between both or a "preampli phono" (don't know the word in English) and a dedicated cable. The latter is definitely less expensive Thant the SONOS CONNECT AMP. Last but not least, I will most likely complete my installation the future with a CD reader. Many thanks in advance for your feedback. Best, Em.
You currently have 4 choices for an analog input for the per-amplifier to connect to . (I believe that's what you preampli phono is). To be certain, the pre-amplifier is what sits in between the phone and the Sonos, and boosts the level of the signal from what it traditionally called "phono", which is a very low level signal, to "line level", which is what most other devices use (like CD players, Tape Players, etc) and what the Sonos needs to receive.

Right now, the four devices are the CONNECT, the CONNECT:AMP, the Sonos Amp, and the Sonos PLAY:5 Gen 2 speaker.

If you already have Sonos speakers, and are not trying to drive a set of some other brand speakers, then you want the CONNECT, or the Sonos PLAY:5. If you have passive speakers that you're wanting to drive, that may have been previously connected to an amplifier, you probably should choose the Sonos Amp. It's basically the replacement for the CONNECT:AMP, and has better internals, more power, and certainly better forward compatibility.

Hope that's clear. You should be able to get the same information on the french community forum at https://fr.community.sonos.com
Thanks Airgetlam for your feedback. I currently have the Sonos PLAY:5 and my understanding is that it is already playing the role of "per-amplifier. At that stage of my equipment (play:5 and soon a turntable), I don't need to buy any other device. Any tips as far as choice of the turnable is concerned? Thanks again,
No, the PLAY:5 is not a pre-ampifier. It is still looking for a line-level input, which is what you would get out of the pre-amp that would be connected between the turntable and the PLAY:5.

No suggestions for a turntable, I don't use one any longer, all of my music has long ago been ripped to an NAS device.

If you read through the forums, there's lots of people who have turntables though, perhaps some of those threads might give you some suggestions. Note that there are some turntables these days that have a pre-amp built in to them, so you only need to turn it on with a switch to make sure that it is putting out a line level signal.
Thanks for your feedback! Will look at other comments made about turntable! Wishing you a good day, Emy