wireless network speaker system for balconies

  • 16 September 2023
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Hi We are currently building a 3 level townhouse . On the bottom level I will have a high end hiding system inside . There will be 3 balconies and I am looking for a good sound system on each of the 3 level balconies, it needs to be based on wireless speakers as I do not  want to run anymore cables from inside to out . I will have a very good wifi mesh system.  Each balcony is outside with ocean views but undercover . I have allowed to have power outlets 2 metres above ground on each side of each of the balconies . My high system DAC uses tidal and Roon . 
my question is : would era 300 or Sonos 5 or move Pairs on each balcony be best ? Or is there a better solution . 
I want to be able to control what balcony is playing at any time and if at all possible have different things playing on different balconies 

cheers and thanks for any input 




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If the speakers will be kept outdoors for long periods, I would consider getting the Move or Move 2 since both are rated for outdoor use. And since they are portable, they can easily be brought inside during extreme weather conditions.