Which Would you buy: Sonos Play:1 for $129 or Symfonisk Bookshelf for $99

  • 6 October 2019
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I was really getting ready to IKEA to get some Bookshelf speakers until I came across some Sonos Play 1's for only $30 more.
I know the 1's are older (and only slightly) more expensive but from what I've read they sound better than the bookshelves.
I'm beginning to sway towards the 1's.

What would you get?

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3 replies

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I have a Symfonisk over here and it sounds OK for daily use. It's not high-end HiFi, but the way it fits in the SONOS ecosystem is great. Maybe this link tells you more: I found it very interesting!
I prefer the form factor of the PLAY:1, but it doesn’t have the AirPlay 2 capability that the IKEA speaker does. Nor have I ever tested them side by side. I own half a dozen PLAY:1s, and have heard the IKEA only in the local store, so given the variance in the “room” acoustics, is hard to say one is superior to the other.
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I had the opportunity to listen to the Symfonisk bookshelf speaker at IKEA about a week ago and was heading back to make a purchase. It was hard indeed trying to judge the sound quality in the wide open store environment with the limit pre-selected tracks they had. All of which are songs I never heard of before.
As for the Play:1, I've never heard it personally. I've seen reviews saying they are near or the same as the Sono's ones which I do have a pair of.
Thought I'd check what other's thoughts were.
Thanks for the link, I'll take a look later on.