Which Sonos for kitchen?

  • 15 July 2018
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Hello Sonosers!
I have sonos all over my house and happy with it. However in my kitchen I have only one S3 mounted high on the wall. It does not cut it over the fans and general kitchen noises.
So I wonder, get one more S3 and pair them or get two sonos1 and pair those. I am probably wrong but I am under the impression that the S1 has more "punch" than the S3?


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5 replies

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It`s hard to advise since there is also the taste factor; the best is to hear them play. Imho the P1 & P3 are very close but the P5 to me is really from another class of sound delicacy. Ever considered that one and move the P3 to another place ?
Yes. I have several 5s. Just figured I could perhaps get something close by a pair of 1 or 3.
5s are much bigger and dunno if I wanna get a wall mount for such a monster.
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Hard to tell what you are referring to by S1, Sonos names are confusing enough without trimming them down.

I wasn't very happy with a single Play 3 (or a single Play 1) as I found the mono sound very flat. I added a second Play 3 to my collection and am very satisfied with the sound, both the stereo and the quality of the sound. The pair of Play 3s will play far too loud for my tastes in a 10x10 room but I feel like they have more low frequency response than a pair of Play 1s in the same room.

I'd try to get a Play 3 in your situation but you may have to go used at this point, they were listed as sold out last time I looked at the Sonos sales site.
Sorry. S1 i of course mean P1 as in play1 and S3 is Play3.

Might be the solution to do as you say...

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Not your fault Sonos is doing confusing names.

The Play 3 is still showing out of stock here: https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop but Amazon and ebay still have them in stock, new or used.