Which setup is best for this situation?

  • 12 February 2022
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I am building out a home network and Sonos solution at the same time. I am planning on having a couple of amps wired via ethernet in a closet, but I also want to add one by our pool area. The SonosNet wifi definitely won’t reach there, but our home internet will, which would mean I’d need to go with a wireless setup, right?


If that’s the case, will ethernet work on the ones inside the closet despite being in a wireless setup?


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1 reply

Mixed systems usually don’t work well.

If one or more SONOS players is wired, SONOS will switch to SonosNet, likely stranding the Pool AMP’s. I say “likely” because if the Pool players absolutely cannot get a piece of SonosNet they may attach to the WiFi, but it is also likely that they will flipflop between WiFi and SonosNet and this works very poorly. I would not waste my time fussing with this. With only four players the system will probably work OK on WiFi if coverage is solid. Large systems work much better on SonosNet. Another solution is to place a player or a BOOST about midway between a good SonosNet coverage area and the Pool units. You could use a string of BOOST’s if necessary. The BOOST’s can be wired or wireless. You would likely need to locate a BOOST in a window, rather than behind a wall. Note that tinted windows will attenuate the BOOST’s signal somewhat.