what upgrade do i do

  • 24 September 2021
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Hi all after some advice.

I currently have the following home theatre setup



2x play 1

I am now looking to upgrade to either 

Two sonos 5 to replace the play 1s


A second sub 

Any advice on what would be the better option?

Update notes sorry adding more to the story

I mainly use for movies I run a 4k bluray player and still buy movies in 4k. I am trying to work out with the Dolby Atmos if I will get more benefit out of the 5s or a second sub

1 reply

It’s all what’s important to you, what you listen to, how you use your system. I find the PLAY:1s I have as surrounds more than sufficient for surround duty, but I rarely play any music streams in that ‘room’, I have other ‘rooms’ that I use for music playback. So, since I do watch a fair share of movies, a second sub might work, if I am careful not to scare the neighbors. 

There just isn’t any right or wrong answer to your question. It boils down to what fits your lifestyle, and your ears.