What to get for arc + sub (gen3)?

  • 26 December 2023
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Hello. I recently moved to a small apartment (45m2) and my current setup is: Arc + sub (gen3) in living room, which is quite small and sofa is against a wall and only little (20-30cm) space by the sides of sofa. I’m still interested to get rears to complete 5.1 setup. I have stereo pair of symfonisks in my bedroom, so I could move them to use as rears. Problem is, I dont want to make holes to wall and Ikea stands are quite ugly imo. Could I place symfonisks on the floor behind the sofa, to the corners? I know, far from ideal but with TruePlay it could be fine for movies? For music that wouldnt be good i guess. I was wondering to get stereo pair of era 100s next to my tv, but then I couldnt connect sub to it because its already in 5.1 setup. Would grouping stereo pair of 100s and 5.1 system sound awkward? I guess stereo pair only sounds great but lack bass…

Thank you in advance!

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Look to 3M Command strips for mounting the speakers, they stick on and then are removable by pulling a tab. I have used them for years and had no issues removing them.

Rated for 20 pounds but since the speaker will vibrate I’d use two, one top and ther other bottom or one at each side, near the top.

These: (other colors available)



For music you could just use the Arc, Sub, Ikea set and you’d likely be happy. Try the surrounds in Full Mode too, the default is Ambient.

For music you could Group and it would sound good, the stereo image might suffer a bit though. For TV it would likely sound odd as the Grouped speakes would have a slight delay.