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  • 5 September 2018
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I just picked up a set of Sonos one speakers slightly used for 200 bucks! These things are awesome! I had previously bought a play three but returned it due to the inferior sound quality and reading several times how people had said that two of the One’s should out perform a single play 3, and they have thus far. I want an additional speaker to use throughout the home I now have one set up in my dining room and the other in my kitchen, but I’m looking for one that I can move around from place to place and even outside from time to time. My conundrum is should I pick up an additional Sonos One for $167 on Amazon (open box), or something else? I would like to be able to move one of the Speakers around the house and possibly outside as needed and I could easily do this with one of the speakers that I already have. This being said I could also save up and pick up a Play 5 later on or I could get the open box deal now and at some point later pick up a fourth speaker of some type? If I go with the third One I will have $367 in three smart speakers. If I wait and get a Play 5 I’d have upwards of $700 tied in. At that rate I could have 4 of the One’s for just a shade over $500. What I’m getting at is it better to have $500 in 4 One’s or $700 in two One’s and a Play 5? BTW I will only be listening to music and don’t need anything for T.V. Thanks folks!

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7 replies

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A Play:5 is a little big for carrying around - if you got one I would put it in your prime listening area and use the Sonos Ones for portability. Not that you can't but you have to carry around with 2 hands for sure.

Well you have two Sonos Ones Now - then you know what they sound like having 2 … you can try that for yourself. Some like 2 together and say they outperform Play:5. They will have better stereo separation using two paired together. But personally I think they still lack a little low end. I myself prefer a Play:5 over two Play:1s - but not by a lot. Especially with Trueplay the differences aren't as noticeable.

The other factor is do you want additional Alexa support - getting more Sonos Ones gives you more Alexa devices (if voice control is important to you). Sonos One price point is hard to beat.

I guess I would lean …. go cheap with the multiple Sonos Ones. And save up your money for a Sub.

2 Sonos ones and a Sub …. that's some good sound there!
I wouldn’t carry the 5 around, just a One. I hadn’t thought of the Sub. Voice control isn’t important but the Play 1 speakers reportedly don’t pair well with the One or I would go with those instead.
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The pairing with play1 issue can be worked around but I wouldn’t buy any more play:1s because they aren’t as future proof as Sonos one (as we have seen with addition airplay2 to the sonos one)
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Of course I am a huge fan of the abilities of the new Sonos Amp.
The amp would open up a whole world of possibilities! I think however I will order me on more One for now and that way I can do a stereo pair in one room and have the other to move around, or just set up in three rooms. Seems more versatile for the money, although I’d like the Play 5 for its versatility, it’s in the higher price range too. I did see a Play 5 used (gen 1) for $250 but wasn’t sure if this was a good deal?