What surrounds will be ok for the Ray

  • 11 February 2024
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Good Evening to all forum-users👋


I’m living with my granny and got my own small bedroom upstairs.

I allready got a Ray and for radio-listening i got a Roam SL on my bedside table.. and an 32” LG smart-tv is coming tomorrow.

The room is small with full height sealing in half the room,other half dropping down towards the head-side of my bed.

I was wondering…and i’m on a kind of budget. Like i don’t gonna add a Gen sub(or in desperate need of a sub anyway)….if not i’ll come across a really cheep used one of course. I think the Ray got enough bass as it is.

I have a pair of extra Era 100 at home,but then i need to wall-mount them…ain’t got the mounts and i only fancy purcase the orginal Sonos one’s. The Era’s can i place on the wall behind my bed,but i allso thinking of getting the Ikea Picture Frame. But they need to be mounted on the side walls so they will be playing toward eachother.

I’m not gonna watch a lot of movies,just Youtube and some music during night-time.

I’m open for your thoughts…

3 replies

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Hello again… 😉

To be honest I think any pair of a small speaker will fit well for the ray to improve sound to surround. I would take the one that could be fixed / placed best way without much work and trouble. Did you think about two Ikea bookshelf speakers? There’s a cheap and easy to install wall mount available for them.


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Sorry,can’t use the Ikea Book Shelf here….hard to explain but they are too tall on one side of my bed,and the other side/corner the staircase is from the floor and up to the side-wall not be able to use the modefy floor-stands as mount to get them 45 degrees angle’d in the corner. If only a Roam with no battery was availible…..

So it’s either the Era 100 or the Ikea Picture Frame that would work here… I don’t like the One/SL(Play:1) so they are out of the question for me.

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Hi there and hope you’re having a Good Day


A little update on my decitions….Today i place the order for two Ikea Symfonisk Picture Frames and two Ikea Symfonisk Lamp.

The Picture Frames will be as surrounds in my bedroom at granny but i have not made any opinion what i will do with the Lamps.

I got two alternatives:

I can have one on my bedside table in this bedroom at grannys place(replace my Roam SL) and the other Lamp in grannys livingroom replace the Roam becide my Stressless-chair. Then i can use the Roam’s in the shower-cabinet on a wallmount+ Ikea Dirigera hub&volume knob at my home.

Or i can use the Lamps replace my Era 100’s at my own house in the bedroom use them as surrounds and bring the Era 100 to grannys place to use as stereopair becide my LG 32” TV. Need to think a bit. I allready got “enough” sound in my bedroom over there so…i might be better off with alternative one here


Be Well🙏