What Sonos to buy next, Play:3, Play:5, Soundbase or Soundbar?

  • 11 November 2017
  • 1 reply

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I am currently looking to add to my Sonos setup and I'm not sure what speaker to go for.

Currently I have a Play:3 in my living room, a Play:1 in my Kitchen and a Play:1 in my bedroom.

I am considering getting a new Play:3 to setup as a stern pair in my living room.

Alternatively, I am wondering if it would make more sense to buy a Playbar or Playbase to replace the Play:3 in the living room.

What would people recommend?

How would a Playbar or Playbase sound compared to 2 Play:3s setup in a stereo pair?


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1 reply

It depends on whether you watch more TV or listen to music. If it is TV, then the PLAYBAR / PLAYBASE makes sense. If it’s music, then the stereo pair of PLAY:3 s is a better choice.