What SONOS setup with Ceiling Speakers?

  • 28 November 2020
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Hi all,

First post and I am considering a new SONOS setup :-)

I recently moved into my flat which already has two ceiling speakers, one front and one back.

What SONOS setup would you recommend to take advantage of these and provide the best home cinema experience? 

Please consider I have a small room and not looking to go 5.1 at this stage, so any setup will be focused around the TV. I was considering whether the Beam + Sub + Amp + existing ceiling speakers made sense.



6 replies

Surround speakers should be placed behind your viewing position. If this is not possible, I suggest that you not mess with surrounds. That said, depending on room size and layout, there may be an advantage of using the ceiling speakers as a stereo Room. Each SONOS player or surround setup is known as a “Room”. If you skip the surround setup and connect an AMP to the ceiling speakers, you’ll have two rooms. BEAM might become the ‘TV’ Room and the ceiling speakers might become ‘Livingroom’. You can “Group” Rooms to play the same music and the Rooms will be time aligned.

Thanks, interesting to know.

Could Dolby Atmos be achieved with BEAM + Front/Rear Ceiling speakers or is the Arc needed for that? Does the Arc effectively make the Ceiling speakers redundant?

BEAM does not support Atmos.

In my opinion ceiling speakers are more effective than audio processing tricks in a bar, however, ceiling speakers are not practical in all situations.

BEAM + Ceiling + Sub + AMP = a hit?

My interpretation of your first post is that the ceiling speakers are positioned such that one would be near the TV and one would be near your listening position. This will not work very well.

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Normally for surround speakers in a home theater setup, you want the surround speakers placed to the right and left of the listeners, or behind to the right and left. It sounds like yours aren’t positioned this way, so I wouldn’t use them for tv audio.