What sonos products I have to add to spread the music in the room

  • 21 November 2023
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I have a sonos system made up of ARC + sub (gen3) I use to watch TV. It works well I don’t need to set up a 5.1 system. What I need is spreading the music better  in my room (40m2) when I use the system to listen music. How I can get this target?… adding 2 one SL and putting them in asymmetrical way in 2 opposites corner could be helpful? or in alternative adding 1 ERA 100 could be sufficient? or other options?

Thanks for your kind advices!!

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4 replies

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You could add either a One or 100 and Group it with your Arc/Sub for music, for TV it would echo a bit.

I’d add two 100s to the Arc as surrounds, that gives you the option of setting the Arc’s Room to play the Surrounds in Full Mode for music. You gain surrounds for TV use and if you do Trueplay it will take all the Sonos into account.

Finding One SLs is getting iffy, Ones seem to be winding down too, Sonos has mentioned “Last Chance” in a couple e-mails.

Thanks a lot for your reply!. In this moment a couple of 100s cost is almost double of One SL…in your opinion what’s the main difference vs One SL considering my focus is  the quality of music listening in the room….. I mean  almost 600 eur vs 300 eur … it’s worth the game?

Furthermore if I don’t put the speakers in the rear position because I’m not interested in building a 5.1 system but, in 2 opposite corners of the room using the full system (ARC+SUB+speakers)  for music while  I continue to use only ARC+SUB for TV is a valid solution? 

tks for your comment

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A stereo pair for music will give the best imaging, Grouping the Arc and Sub will really beef up the sound and low end, but imaging will suffer a little. Pick which ever one sounds best at the moment as changing is easy.

I have only heard the 100s in stores so I can’t really compare to the Ones SLs I have.

I really love what the Sub brings to music and I’d consider a mini-Sub at a minimum to add to your stereo pair.  Maybe swap your Sub back and forth a few times to see where you prefer it and if it is worth it to you to add a second Sub to avoid the complicated switching hassle.


Thank you! I think I’ll add a pair of one SL and I’ll try to set up the system following your advises..